Austrian mineral water brand Vöslauer asked me to rethink the ways of carrying a single 1,5-L bottle as well as a sixpack of the same bottle and find a simple clever tool for carrying both, small enough to fit into your pants pocket, allowing additional ways of interacting, ergonomically well-fitted and witty. I came up with an idea inspired from the situation when making groceries, it is raining and having an umbrella with you: i simply hang the shopping bag onto the umbrella’s handle. a classical case of affordance, a form not intended to serve in a certain, by accident becomes useful in another, unintended way.

So this Mary-Poppins-like tool allows you to carry a sixpack through hanging it into the umbrella’s handle, turn it upside down you can slide one single bottle through the circle for easy carrying, you can hang a bottle onto your bicycle frame, your balcony rail, your wardrobe hook, you can even combine several tools by hanging patterns, or using it for other stuff like towels, scarfs etc.

PLA 3D-printed
prototype, 2016


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