watering can and electric water kettle: both shapes supposed to pour water. but so different in form. a source of inspiration. second, it fits quite well into the metalwork tradition of the Wiener Werkstätte, especially works by Josef Hoffmann or Kolo Moser. And, it shows an appreciation for Art Deco posters showing extra-high steamliners or streamlined railways.

this watering can is made of three pieces of stainless steel sheet metal, welded together with the welds polished out and a brushed surface exterior. it is supposed mainly for indoor use, its compact form allows it to be put on a window sill between flower pots.

one-off (in two color versions), 2013-14
stainless steel sheet, powder coated


_MG_6729 copy

_MG_6723 copy

_MG_6733 copy



_MG_6753 copy

_MG_6757 copy

photos: Leonhard Hilzensauer, Clemens Auer