A watering can for the indoors should always be stowed at the window-sill between the plant pots, and if there is not one thing there it is space. By observing the fact that both watering cans and water boilers are vessels to pour out water, Clemens Auer has landed with a vessel body which has both the appearance of a water boiler and the functionality of a watering can. Due to the narrow, high dimensions, his Watering Can is perfect for the small space between two plant pots. Additionally there is a more affordable 3D-printed plastic version.

one-off (in two color versions), 2013-14
stainless steel sheet, powder coated

PLA print
in production, 2013-17


_MG_6729 copy

_MG_6723 copy

_MG_6733 copy



_MG_6753 copy

_MG_6757 copy

clemens auer

photos: Leonhard Hilzensauer, Clemens Auer